Rental Car Tips and Tricks for Saving Money

Rental Car Tips pic
Rental Car Tips can help you have a lot of money when traveling.

Renting a car can be costly – in fact, depending on the size of the car you need and length of time, your rental could end up costing quite a bit more than your plane tickets. Get the most out of your vacation dollars with these rental car tips.

Look past brand names. National chains pay big bucks on advertising and prime airport locations, making the cost of the rental higher for you. Instead, consider renting from lesser-known companies, like Payless and Fox Rent a Car. You can find other companies based on location at and similar sites. Expect to pay prices as much as 15 to 30% below those of the national chains.

Look for online discounts. Check coupon sites like for coupons for rental cars. If you’re part of a frequent flier program, or belong to AAA or other partnered organizations (like Costco), ask for discounted rates.

Stay away from the airport. If you can help it, don’t pick up your rental car at the airport, which can tack on fees that amount to 30% or more of the total rental price. If you can find public transportation or a shuttle to a location in town, you’ll stand to save some big bucks.

Over-estimate. It’s better to book an extra day or two in advance, then add time on at the last minute. If you’re travel plans are flexible, it’s worth booking the car for the longest amount of time you’ll need it, which could actually reduce your daily rate.

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