Toyota’s Back to the Future Video Celebrates the Mirai FCV

Toyota’s Back to the Future Video pic
Toyota’s Back to the Future Video brought with it some cool vehicles like the Fuel Celled Mirai.

‘Back to the Future Day’ has come and gone, but Toyota’s appropriately-themed ad continues to make the rounds. October 21, 2015, was the day that Marty McFly and Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown chose to time-travel to in the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II. Almost thirty years after the movie was released, the future looks a bit… different than Back to the Future predicted.

There might not be any flying cars, but there is the futuristic Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), which became available for sale in California on October 21st. Coincidence? We think not.

Toyota teamed up with the Back to the Future franchise to create promotional material leading up to the big day. Toyota’s ‘Back to the Future’ video is a play on the original movie, and showcases the Mirai FCV. Check it out here.

“While there are a lot of  brands and activations that are celebrating the Back to the Future milestone, Toyota  stands apart for their nod to the future and the past with the auto technology depicted in the movies,” said Bob Gale, Back to the Future co-creator and producer in a statement.  “When Toyota approached us about helping tell a bigger story about the future and innovation with the Mirai, we loved the direction – and who can resist Marty’s retro Toyota truck?”

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Toyota Proves Lemonade Can Power the Mirai in “Fueled by Everything” Campaign

"Fueled by Everything” campaign pic
Even lemonade can fuel the new fuel-cell powered Toyota Mirai as proven in the “Fueled by Everything” Campaign.

In its third installment of its “Fueled by Everything” campaign, Toyota and comedian Nikki Glaser take a humorous look at how a lemonade stand could help propel the automaker’s fuel cell vehicle. The video, called “Fuelled by Lemonade,” shows us how discarded lemonade from a kids’ lemonade stand can power an FCV.

The ad begins by pointing out how tough the lemonade stand industry is – no one is buying, after all. So what is one to do with so much wasted lemonade? Power cars, of course!

The campaign, aimed to educate the masses about hydrogen fuel, points out that Toyota’s research and development labs are hard at work turning all kinds of wasted energy sources, like sunlight, wind, and, yes, even lemonade, into hydrogen.

The video goes on to prove that there are a number of energy sources that can be stored as hydrogen, which can then, in turn, power FCV vehicles, homes, and businesses.

The children, genius as they are, now hike their lemonade prices up, because now it can be used to fuel a vehicle.

Check the video out here, and stay tuned as the Toyota Mirai FCV launches this October in select California dealerships. Here at Glen Toyota, we are excited at the endless possibilities hydrogen fuel cell vehicles represent!