Don’t Be A Victim: Fun Wintertime Activities

fun wintertime activities pic
This girl is partaking in some fun wintertime activities. Like hitting her brother with snowballs.

Don’t be bored this winter! In fact, you are more at risk for depression in the winter due to light deprivation and other factors. Throw caution to the wind—that bone-chilling, artic wind—and do fun stuff. Here are some fun wintertime activities…


# 1 – Go winter camping! This may sound crazy but given you’ve got the right gear, it can be fun in that “I’m overcoming a great challenge” sort of way. At the very least, make sure that your sleeping bag is rated for below freezing temperatures.


# 2 – Catch up on all the Oscar prospects. There is no better excuse to stay inside than watching an incomprehensible art-house film.


# 3 – You know all of those books you’ve been meaning to read? Wintertime is a great time to do it. Consider joining a book club.


# 4 – Cook more. Not only will help you save some cash, you can experiment with different dishes.


# 5 – Go to and look for activities that interest you! Ever been interested in underwater basket weaving? You might find a group that does it!