5 Must-Have DIY Auto Maintenance Tools

Like to get your hands dirty in the garage? The following are 5 must-have DIY auto maintenance tools

Air Compressor – Ever drive to a gas station in order to fill your tires up only to find out that the pay compressor is broken? You’ll never have to experience that kind of heartbreak again if you add an air compressor to your garage arsenal.

Tire Ramps – If you are the kind of person that likes to do oil changes at home, tire ramps can make your job so much easier. Use them properly and they can be safer than just a jack.

Oil Filter Wrench – Another tool that is absolutely essential for DIY oil changes is the oil filter wrench. It’s the only tool you can really use to remove an oil filter; the only one that can fit up above the oil pan.

Drip Pans – If you plan to change your own oil, or replace a radiator hose, drip pans are a great help. While not a tool per se, they go a long way in helping to keep your garage clean and save you clean-up time.

Spark Plug Spanner – Removing spark plugs is tricky because you don’t want to damage them on the way out or the way in. This tool lets you do so safely.