The Importance of Summer-Ready Tires

The summer heat is here and so are the summer troubles. Cars work very hard in the summer, especially their tires! That’s why having summer-ready tires is important.

Your tires are important. Obviously, since they’re what keeps your car rolling! Unfortunately, they’re put under more pressure (literally) in the summer months when the pavement is hot.

AAA Mechanic Richard Santiago warns about the danger of tires on hot roads, “You’re driving on very, very hot roads. It’s definitely going to have a substantial impact. Heat friction definitely causes a lot more pressure to build up inside of the tire.”

He knows what he’s talking about. During the summer months, tire-related problems are the most frequent calls that AAA gets.

Keeping the proper PSI is essential to maintaining the life of your tires. In the summer, heat outside can expand the pressure inside of your tire. So even if you start the summer with proper PSI, your tire might gain pressure instead of lose it. This is when blowouts happen.

It’s also essential to make sure your tires aren’t underinflated. The hot pavement can wear down your tread easily.

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Toyota v Honda

When America was in need of fuel-efficient cars, both Toyota and Honda saw their opportunity and they took it. Although there wasn’t much love for foreign makes, both Japanese automakers found their place in the American market. It’s taken the American brands nearly 30 years to catch up to the Asian automakers and for good reason.

Both brands employ the Kaizen system where employees and managers work together to increase efficiency in the workplace. Although Americans taught the Japanese the Kaizen system during the reconstruction following World War II, the system isn’t used in the United States.

Today, the two brands are constantly going tire-to-tire to wins the hearts of American drivers. Both automakers have studios and manufacturing plants based in America to appeal specifically to American drivers.

Toyota and Honda have solidified their place in the automotive market, staking their claim in the top five bestsellers. The Toyota Camry has maintained its position as the bestselling car in America for the past 14 years. In January 2016, the Camry sold 26,848 units. The Honda Civic came in second with 26,741 units sold. Rounding out the top three, the Toyota Corolla moved 22,362 units.

With the Honda Accord sitting at number five with 20,765 units, it isn’t about to challenge the Camry without a significant increase in sales. The Nissan Altima took the number four spot with 22,156 units sold. Another Japanese brand, Nissan also makes use of the Kaizen system.