Sirius XM and Toyota Partnership Expands to Offer Customers More

Sirius XM and Toyota pic
Sirius XM and Toyota have partnered to give an awesome driving experience with more options than before.

Today, we want our cars to keep us connected and entertained. Technology that keeps the world around us available at our fingertips is not only what car shoppers want, but what we expect. Features like Bluetooth, touchscreens, Wi-Fi hotspots, satellite radio, and navigation are becoming a standard, and automakers are stepping up their game to make sure their cars are delivering the technology we demand.

The Sirius XM and Toyota partnership is nothing new – in fact, shoppers will find that Toyota cars already come equipped with Sirius XM radio. Toyota’s recent announcement confirms that it will expand upon its partnership with SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services to offer its customers a wide range of advanced technologies, including remote door unlock, remote start, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, and automatic crash notification.

“At Toyota, we are always working to give our customers the best driving experience possible, and this new agreement with SiriusXM assures we can do just that with the best connected vehicle services across a broader range of Toyota-brand vehicles than ever before for many years to come,” said Sandy Lobenstein, Toyota VP of Connected Vehicle Technology and Planning in a statement. “Our customers expect a world-class offering of connected services. And as those services in safety, security and remote convenience continue to evolve, we will work with SiriusXM to offer a superior driving experience to our customers.”

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Car Seat Safety Myths that Won’t Quit

Car Seat Safety Myths pic
Check out some of the most common Car Seat Safety Myths

In belated honor of Child Passenger Safety Week (which was September 13-19th), Toyota and Cincinnati Children’s national education program, called Buckle Up for Life, has taken on some of the top car seat safety myths in this news release. When it comes to the wellbeing of our children, it’s worth taking the time to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to keep them safe in the car.

Here’s a rundown of the top three car seat safety myths.

  1. Used car seats are as good as new car seats. Care-givers need to do their research here. Car seats not only have an expiration date, but they are useless if they’ve ever been involved in any kind of accident. Unless you know a car seat’s full history and expiration date, skip the hand-me down and splurge on a new seat.
  2. Older kids can sit in the front seat. All children under the age of thirteen are required to sit in the backseat, regardless of if they have grown out of their booster seat. Refer to your state’s laws before allowing a child to sit in the front seat. Better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Children don’t need booster seats. Children under a height of 4’9” should always sit in booster seats. Because seatbelts won’t correctly secure the child, the seatbelt could do more harm than good in an accident.

Proper restraints and seats are just the beginning of the safety equation. Stop by Glen Toyota today to see our lineup of car that feature today’s most advanced safety technology!